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Program for Residual Materials Management in Northern Québec

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The Program for Residual Materials Management in Northern Québec (Programme de gestion des matières résiduelles en territoire nordique – PGMRTN) is intended to support Northern Québec’s municipal entities and isolated Indigenous communities, which have no road access, in implementing projects to improve residual materials management and reduce quantities for disposal.

The area in Northern Québec without road access is as follows:

  • the territory north of the 55th parallel, including the Category I and II lands of the Whapmagoostui Crees;
  • the Category I and II lands of the Kawawachikamach Naskapis;
  • the territory of the Golfe-du-Saint-Laurent Regional County Municipality;
  • the Innu communities isolated from all road access: Unamen Shipu (La Romaine), Pakuashipi and Matimekosh;
  • the city of Schefferville.

The program will help achieve the basic objective of the Québec Residual Materials Management Policy: Make end waste the only residual material sent for disposal in Québec.

The program has a budget of one million dollars and is financed by the Green Fund. Financial assistance applications must be received by December 31, 2019, or until depletion of the allocated funds. Subsidized projects must be completed no later than December 31, 2020.

To propose a project, eligible organizations must complete the financial assistance application form and submit it to the Ministère. The form is used to determine the project’s eligibility and provides information needed by the Ministère to conduct a detailed analysis.

For all information requests regarding this program, to get English versions of documents or to submit a financial assistance form, write to us at:

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