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Illegal storage of PCBs in Pointe-Claire

Pointe-Claire, September 17, 2013 – The Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment, Wildlife and Parks, Yves-François Blanchet, has announced that the Ministère is taking charge of operations to secure and manage hazardous materials on the Reliance site since the company has failed to comply with several measures required by the ordinance served on August 29.

Inspections carried out during the weekend showed that the company had not complied with the first phase of the ordinance to make the site secure. The company had until September 13 at 11:59 p.m. to comply. “The first phases involved in securing the area were both simple and quite urgent. However, Reliance failed in its obligations with respect to the first deadline. Therefore, as I said, we are immediately taking charge of operations on the site in order to make it secure and adequately dispose of the hazardous materials there. The environment and safety must be taken seriously,” said Minister Blanchet.

The Minister is also ensuring that all measures are being taken in order to proceed without delay. Companies have already been mandated to begin work on securing the site. Repair work on the fence will begin today and additional security measures will be implemented to avoid any intrusion on the site. A contract was also signed with Sanexen to dispose of the PCBs. Under the ordinance, Reliance will be required to reimburse all costs borne by the government. “The company’s financial capability could be a factor,” said Minister Blanchet. “As a result, we have also begun procedures to take out a legal mortgage on the company’s assets. If Quebecers are forced to bear part of the burden for this, it will be as little as possible.”

“I will make sure that everything is done without compromise so that the citizens of Pointe-Claire no longer have to live with concerns that an accident might occur. Today, we are taking all necessary steps to get rid of these PCBs as quickly and safely as possible. The situation in Pointe-Claire must be corrected soon and more incidences such as this must not occur in the future. My patience has reached its limits in this matter,” concluded the Minister.

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Environment, Wildlife and Parks



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