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Supported browsers

Our online services work best with the recent versions of the browsers listed in the table.

On-line Services Supported browsers
Microsoft Edge Microsoft Internet
 Explorer 11
Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome
Phosphorus Report - Transmission   x x x
Declaration of hydrocarbon sales, purchases and take-back x x x x
Annual Pesticide Sales Report - Transmission x x   x
Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Vehicle Manufacturer Annual Reports   x x x
Water Withdrawal Declaration   x x x
Québec Atmospheric Emissions Inventory – Declaration   x x  
On-line Payments x x x x
Pesticides - Certificate Application x x    
Transmission of the reports of opacimeter of the heavy vehicles emissions x x    
Water knowledge portal (PCE)   x x x
Environmental Monitoring System (SENV) x x x x
Electronic transmission of drinking water sampling analysis x x x x
Monitoring municipal wastewater treatment plants (SOMAEU)   x x x
RELAIS - Operations management system for the Volunteer Lake-Monotoring Program (VLMP)   x x x

Please note that other navigator versions may work properly. However, if a problem arises during your operations, they will not be supported by the Ministère.  

Computer requirements

Your browser must be configured to:

  • Use JavaScript functions;
  • Accept cookies;
  • Be compatible with a 128-bit SSL protocol, ensuring confidentiality of the personal data you are sending;
  • Allow pop-ups.

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